Flutter Complete Reference

Flutter Complete Reference is a 765 page ebook by Alberto Miola covering every fundamental aspect of Flutter that any developer must know. It is the ultimate reference for Dart and Flutter.

Alberto covers the Dart programming language (version 2.10, with null safety support) and the Flutter framework (version 1.20) in incredible detail. The book also includes best practices, tips and performance advice to help you build high quality products.

The book has also been edited and technically reviewed by Senior Developers from the Flutter community including: Felix Angelov, Matej Rešetár, and Rémi Rousselet.

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Alberto Miola

Alberto graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of Padua and now works as a full-time Software Engineer at Superformula. Alberto uses Java to build-end and desktop apps and Dart and Flutter to build mobile apps and for general web development.

He got amazed by Flutter for its incredible power and the huge community around it and hasn't looked back since. So much that he even wrote this incredible book which is the ultimate reference for Dart and Flutter.

Fun fact: Alberto also loves Nintendo games!

I'm 100% convinced that this is the most comprehensive, well-written book on Flutter. The explanations and examples are so well crafted that I've found myself re-reading sections just for enjoyment.

- Amazon Review


Flutter Complete Reference

Part 1: All about the Dart programming language (classes, exceptions, inheritance, null safety, streams, SOLID principles, and more)

Part 2: All about the Flutter framework (localization, routing, state management with Bloc and Provider, testing, performances with DevTools, animations, and more)

Part 3: Massive collection of examples (using Firestore, monetizing apps, using gestures, networking, publishing packages at, race recognition with ML kits, playing audio and video, and more)

    The official website of the book also contains the complete source code of the examples and a "Quiz Game" to test your Dart and Flutter skills!

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